‘So much creative opportunity within one single app’

I do enjoy a good app review story. This one might be useful for some. Steller app gets rave reviews for quick, clean slideshows:

“Steller naturally incorporates social media, which makes promotion really easy. I think what makes it unique is the ease at which you can make a professional slideshow from a phone or handheld device,” Joel Timms said. He recently produced a Steller about a show called the Mr. WHS Competition as a way to report behind the scenes before the event.

If students are collaborating on a photo story, it takes the extra step of texting or sharing photos from one device to another, but the rest is simple. Timms worked with two other students for team storytelling and said he made sure each student knew in advance which aspects to capture, which is his main advice for others.

“Try to plan ahead and take photos with a purpose. Know what you want to show in photos and explain in words, and shoot with that in mind. This should help with the overall continuity of your story,” Timms said.


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