Time over views, redux

We’ve talked from time to time — here, elsewhere online, in the classroom — about how the video metrics shift is coming at YouTube and, now Facebook. Analysis and budgets are shifting, trying to more precisely determine where audience behaviors are heading. Facebook says 500 million users are eating up 100 million hours of video per day.

It’s worth noting that Facebook did not report total video views, which it has the past few quarters. Last quarter, for example, it reported eight billion video views per day. One theory: Snapchat started generating some comparisons earlier this month to show it gaining on Facebook’s total views number. If Facebook doesn’t report it, there isn’t much to compare.

Investors liked what they heard Wednesday. Facebook stock was up more than 12 percent in after-hours trading following the call.

That last part is an important element behind Facebook’s empirical data, of course. They aren’t killing television, but it should be apparent to everyone that eyeballs are continuing their shift. What does that mean for your outlet?


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