Time flies when you’re snapping

It is hard to believe we are already a year into Snapchat’s Discover feature. What we’ve learned:

Over that time, publishers have built mobile audiences, and some have found a new revenue source.

Snapchat’s media partners, which range from 128-year-old National Geographic to two-year-old Fusion, see it as the best way to reach millennials, and with video view counts that rival Facebook, Snapchat is still publishing’s shiniest new object.


In truth, Snapchat requires a huge committment. Content cannot be easily repurposed from other formats, in part because Snapchat presents photos and videos vertically.

That piece talks about several of the 19 U.S. and four U.K Snapchat Discover channels. Some are stronger than others. Which do you like? Which ones are demonstrating more solid tips for your work?


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