Making coding more enticing

Two weeks ago an old friend asked me how he might get his daughter — a beautiful, precocious, 8-year-old — more interested in computer languages one day. I wish I’d had this link then.


Twitter truths

This is cool.

(Remember what we say around here, GoPro is a media company selling hardware.)

The potential downside to this is that we’re going to find out that most of us shooting Go Pro stuff aren’t nearly as rad as the videos captured by professional rock climbers, underwater welders, high altitude sky divers and so on.

Small price to pay though, right?

A quick graphic observation

There’s something elegant about the simple beauty of a quick graphic. And the craft of it suits our current media consumption habits. A nice image or other aesthetic that pleases the eye, and the quick, pertinent data points.

It works best if they are factoids, more-than-trivia bits. So the challenge is getting the most important points, so that we don’t bog down our audience. Give them the parts they really need.

“But Kenny,” you’ll say, “the audience needs more than one number or figure!”

And you are so right. So think promotional. Make more than one graphic. Recirculate the story. Write different appeals from those varied graphics to get to your story.