Fun: How not to resign

11 Complaints That WPEC Photog Should Have Included In His Viral Resignation Email:

Perhaps you’ve read the resignation email sent this week by a photographer at West Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC. Vince Norman didn’t last three months on the job, informing the bosses that

“I have reached the limit of what I’m willing to put up with.” My word. What did they do to him?
Here are the inhumane conditions this poor kid was subjected to, as he described in his email.

What you’ll wade into

I often tell young students to start reading job ads now. Read them in your free time. Read a lot of them, including jobs or internships you might think you’re qualified for now and those that you’ll be shooting for a decade down the line. When you read enough of them, I say, you’ll begin to see what’s in between the lines. You’ll also get some small sense of things by what is both said and unsaid.

With that in mind, via Jim Romenesko, check out what Gannett is seeking for their “Newsroom of the future.”

Now might be a good time to start thinking about how you can augment your skill set for the careers you’re pursuing in your short and medium-term future.

Giving Skype interviews

This is not within the normal scope of this site, but I run across links like this every now and then and this one seemed useful.

How to Prepare for Your Skype Interview:

Interviewing for a new job via Skype is becoming increasingly common, primarily because it saves time and resources for both the employer and interviewee. Many employers see Skype as a superior way to evaluate a potential employer because face-to-face communication – where body language and reaction time are evident – can provide extra information that can help employers make their decision.

As Skype interviews are increasingly likely in your future, it’s best to prepare for them ahead of time.

There are some great tips here. I’ve taken part in a few meetings and interviews of various types on Skype and all of these suggestions would have been useful the first time. After my first one I started putting sticky notes on the screen like “Look here —->” at the camera.

Go ahead, Skype someone and see how they look now that you have that advice in your mind.

Moral: The world is a changing place, even the working world. Be ready to adapt to it. Practice in it; it could mean a second interview or even a job.

Writing with zeroes and ones

In Robot Writers and the Digital Age Samantha Goldberg discusses some very interesting developments in AI and basic storytelling.

Some people will be intimidated by this:

The ability of software robots to write at such scale while still personalizing the content is what makes these companies’ technology so powerful.

In short, the computers can do, in some cases, what humans can’t.

For example, Automated Insights worked with Major League Baseball last year to create Real-time Insights for MLB, a new platform producing a live feed of insights during every game and using the MLB’s 120 years of stats to insert historical facts and make predictions for each play.

Hammond said the software is “writing stories in spaces where no one is writing stories.”

Matt McFarland, deputy high school sports editor for the Washington Post, agrees there’s an opportunity for automated content creation software to help in areas too hard for humans to cover.

“In cases like little league and high school sporting events, I definitely see value in using a computer software because bottom line is it can be unrealistic and just impossible for a media company to go out and cover certain things,” McFarland said.

But could this software actually take jobs away from human reporters?

McFarland said while he sees the software replacing some jobs, he doesn’t think it will substitute for the work of the journalists who can bring quality and in-depth reporting to their articles.

And there are certain things that computers still can’t do with the written word, he said.

But some people will be very intrigued by the ramifications.

How do you feel about it?