I’m a sucker for these

This is one of those “Kid gets to be a star for a day” stories. Braylon Beam became a coach for a day with the Carolina Panthers. And that coach can dance:

Now. Put yourself in the role of a Panthers public relations practitioner or a branded journalist and this came across your beat. How would you make the most of your opportunity to make this child and your franchise shine? What stories would you tell with this guy in the building?

Also, Braylon apparently started #justkeepdancing. You said it, coach.



Saw this today and thought They installed a ferris wheel this summer?!?!? Best campus ever!

Probably on the roof of the new business building.

See the Star Wars trailer yet?

The Force Awakens, as they say, this December. The new teaser trailer was out today. The trailer is set to appear before Avengers 2 this summer. But something about that trailer inspired me to think a bit more about how we promote things. I wrote about it on my personal site, using the movie trailer as a test case, but this would apply to all sorts of storytelling. You can read it, and see my Star Wars examples, here.

Doesn’t this look fun?

Google and Mattel pull the View-Master into virtual reality:

When it launches, kids will be able to explore various 3D scenes, including the streets of Paris and Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay and the solar system. While some scenes like the Golden Gate Bridge include actual images from the area, others like the dinosaur and solar system scene are enhanced with CGI technology to show, for example, what it’s like to fly through the galaxy. There’s also the option of buying additional reels (four for $15) for other immersive experiences.

I don’t spend an awful lot of time thinking about View-Master (but I should). This makes a lot of sense though, doesn’t it?

Fun: How not to resign

11 Complaints That WPEC Photog Should Have Included In His Viral Resignation Email:

Perhaps you’ve read the resignation email sent this week by a photographer at West Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC. Vince Norman didn’t last three months on the job, informing the bosses that

“I have reached the limit of what I’m willing to put up with.” My word. What did they do to him?
Here are the inhumane conditions this poor kid was subjected to, as he described in his email.