Another nod to dear old, now young again, podcasting

Maybe you’ve seen some of the recent conversation wistfully pining for a return to what some call “slow journalism.” More than hot takes and 140-character teasers, it is an idea harkening to a time when we weren’t in such a great hurry.

(Journalists have always been in a hurry. It just scales.)

The most recent argument I’ve seen in this conversation has been that journalists would like some slow journalism — better stories, fewer ulcers, etc — but the audience demands are such that it is challenging. And yet, podcasting has given some a glimpse into not only a different medium, but a different pace:

Podcasting is also a welcoming format, requiring little more than a microphone and a server to host files. While companies like Gimlet are churning out shiny high quality shows — including a new podcast about podcasts — newspapers are also dipping their toes into more elaborate audio stories to reach new audiences, and to just try their hand at a still-growing medium.

When Serial came out, “everyone in our newsroom…[was] taken by that narrative storytelling format and realized just how powerful a tool podcasting can be,” Jason Noble, a political reporter at the Des Moines Register, said. Noble hosts Three Tickets, a podcast about the Iowa presidential caucuses. It’s one of many podcasts launched to fit into the election cycle.

My podcast, which should be returning in a few days, tries to strike a chord in between. Quick hits highlighting important and big stories you might have otherwise missed. I’ll crosspost them here, of course.

What kind of podcasts do you prefer? Have you worked on any yourself yet? What do you think of the opportunities the style presents to you?


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