Strategy is strategic

Allow me be the person to, finally, close the door on those “Beginning of the new year” writing conceits. If you don’t have a strategy for your blog, the start of the year is a good time to implement one. Take it away, Jeremy Porter:

Inspired by my recent reflection and subsequent thinking about where I want to go from here with Journalistics, I’ve written a two-part post on how to create an editorial strategy for your blog. My hope is these posts will help you clarify the strategy for your blog, as well as provide me with a timely excuse to do the same for Journalistics.

In this age of content marketing we’re living in, it seems like every organization is blogging in hopes of capturing some inbound marketing magic (you can thank HubSpot for that). Whether you’re publishing on behalf of an organization or for personal reasons, I suspect many of you don’t have a written strategy for your blog. In survey after survey about content marketing, it’s pretty consistent that 40-60% of organizations don’t have a written content strategy.


Over the course of these two posts, I’ll explore this topic in depth, and also providing you with a process you can follow to create your editorial strategy from start to finish.

Good stuff there, go give it a look.

(Anniversaries, when you roll out a new tool or when you see a great essay like that one are all also good times.)


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