Vox punches in combinations

Left, right, Twitter, Instagram, uppercut … left, Snapchat. Sorry, I was just thinking about a fight sequence from Creed.

Anyway, here’s an enlightening conversation with one of the heavy hitters at Vox. No question that they can pack a multimedia punch.

Allison Rockey, director of programming at Vox, told Journalism.co.uk the team works “very closely” with the rest of the newsroom, in order to get all journalists, editors and reporters to know and understand the “general best practices of social media”.

“We do view social as something that is part of everyone’s job, in a sense.

“But the [engagement] team’s focus is to know all the social platforms in and out, to really be the ones to foster communities and make sure they are growing.

“The people on our team are both doers and builders themselves, but they’re also teachers for the newsroom.”

You might have different limitations than the people at Vox, but there is probably one or two things in there you could modify for your needs. Be sure to read the whole thing.


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