Your coloring books may come alive

I like tech that isn’t mirrored in popular science fiction. And I like it when a big entity like Disney is working on cool technological developments. Some cool AR here:

Augmented reality has been used to bridge the gap between static pages and animated characters before, most notably through Crayola’s collaboration with AR developer DAQRI on the company’s Color Alive series. But those products don’t allow for simultaneous coloring and AR usage: you have to finish your drawing before generating your 3D character using the companion app. If Disney’s technology can make its way to the consumer market, it’ll mark another step forward for coloring book technology. Of course, it’s a little too early to start hyping this up with your children — this kind of live texturing is still in its infancy, and it could be a while before you’re shopping for coloring books that have this capability.

Now if this stuff makes it to the consumer market, it is going to be a possibility in your newsroom too. Just imagine the fun stories you could tell with something like this.

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