#JMC380 links for Monday

Let’s talk Instagram. There are reportedly 400 million people using the tool now. And if you get over the magic number of 100,000 followers yourself it becomes a money making opportunity.

But there are some other things. Consider the head honcho:

“Imagine a world where virtual reality exists and is ubiquitous, and we have whatever device we need to experience it. How cool would it be if you were at a concert in the countryside and I could be there with you – hearing, smelling, seeing it, too? Or the presidential inauguration – that would be amazing. That’s what Instagram is now, in a very low-fidelity way. I like to say we’re working on time travel, but the difference is we’re not sending you there – it’s coming to you.”

Consider the storyteller:

“What the comic books give me, and what I think is connected to Instagram, is they always get me out of a rut when I’m stuck in a story,” he said. “I start thinking about what comic book geeks call the gutter, which is the space between panels. I was looking at [Instagram], and I was like, ‘Oh, look — this is a comic book.’ If you look at the grid, you have all these panels. And now I can make my own comic book.”

And, finally, consider the marketer:

“Social media, instead of complementary marketing, is now at the forefront,” said La Ra. Though, she added, “How you engage with consumers on each platform is different.”

And now some Halloween inspiration:


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