Time to branch out your media plans

Big time media experimenting in real time with the biggest crisis of our time. Covering the refugee crisis on Snapchat and Periscope as ‘a day-by-day documentary’:

News organisations across the world are experimenting with new ways of telling stories, and some have embraced the popularity of video-streaming apps in their coverage of the refugee crisis.

Broadcasting on Snapchat and Periscope has allowed journalists to give the public access to raw, unedited and instant footage of this international story.

Travelling alongside the refugees on their journeys, three organisations have aimed to use smartphones to document the crisis and help those fleeing their home country tell their stories. Reporters from the BBC, Bild and TIME spoke to Journalism.co.uk about their experiences.

If you’re not here, you’ll soon be behind the times. Why Your Newsroom Should Be Paying Attention to AR:

Outside the world of new media and tech, augmented reality is probably less understood than virtuality reality but, according to industry experts, its capacity to change the way we interact with news will be phenomenal. AR works by projecting images onto reality, rather than replacing reality with a simulated world. But how far away is AR from transforming our media landscape? GEN interviewed Peter Oberdorfer, President and partner at Tactic: a San Francisco-based company specialised in design and post-production for both virtual reality and augmented reality.

Another timely piece of advice: How relevant do you want to be for your readers? New metrics prove, WhatsApp could be your secret weapon:

Who would have expected this? Only eight per cent of US internet users do use WhatsApp as well. A strange fact given that the instant messaging app with its 900m users is a serious player in other markets and a channel you shouldn’t longer ignore, at least if you don’t want to miss a huge business opportunity. Latest data reveal interesting insights. Text posts with links achieve click through rates (CTR) between 25-50 per cent. Worth to look closer at this secret weapon for publishers who are still seeking to gain grounds in the social media space.

And with that we are out of … links.

What? Did you think I was going to make a time pun?


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