#JMC380 topic for Wednesday — all about engagement

We return to this chart, to discuss engagement.


Engagement is a great buzzword, but as a term, it can still be rather murky:

Engagement—just the mention of it can spark a visceral response from marketers, partly because no one has pinpointed what it really means. Let’s get it out there: engagement is a messy, complicated idea—yet a critical one—because it gets to the heart of the relationship between consumers and brands. We know that it is valuable, but the how, what and why of it is ambiguous at best.

I suspect it will be a bit different for each of our client groups, but engagement is something we ought to strive to define. What will it mean for your group? And does that mesh nicely for what your client envisions? Which of you is right?

And what is engagement, anyway? There’s this digital notion, but does that mean customers buy more product, join the country club, think differently of the company, comment on their stories, share their content, shop with their advertisers? What is engagement?

There are tons of those wonderful list articles that we’ve gotten our fill of on engagement tips and techniques. Here are two relatively recent ones. 21 Social Media Engagement Tactics That Will Grow Your Audience and this one from Inside Higher Ed, 5 Tips for Social Media Engagement.

Meanwhile, the very concept of engagement is still evolving. On Instagram and Other Social Media, Redefining ‘User Engagement’ and remains in dispute, Social Media Engagement Is Dead — 2015 Is About Measurable Goals

Coming up: visuals!


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