News about TV news

Here’s the latest from those primed to bring us the latest … TV news goes all-iPhone:

A local TV news station has gone “100% iPhone.” The station in question is based in Switzerland. Over the summer, Léman Bleu outfitted each of its reporters with an iPhone 6 kit to shoot their stories and to use for live shots.

News director Laurent Keller says Léman Bleu actually isn’t the first station to convert to iPhones; a Scandinavian outlet apparently has done it too. And he’s candid about the reasons why. “It’s a search for lightness and responsiveness, but also a way to reduce the costs of producing a newscast,” Keller told the Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

ABC News Says It’s Taking Virtual Reality Seriously:

ABC’s first VR story takes viewers on a tour of Damascus, Syria, led by reporter Alexander Marquardt. It examines how in some parts of the war-torn country’s capital, normal life goes on; in others, Syrians are scrambling to keep ancient art and religious sites safe from destruction.

To produce the VR component of the story, ABC partnered with virtual reality film startup Jaunt. Silver said Jaunt processed and stitched together the raw video files — a necessary step whenever video shot by several cameras is combined into one file — but that ABC still did all the narrative video editing, as it would for any other story.

“VR is truly objective,” Jaunt CEO Jens Christensen said. “When you’re there, you feel like you’re actually on a rooftop in Damascus. That feeling of being there and getting an unfiltered view is very powerful.”


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