Picking up Facebook’s Signal

For all, OK, a lot, of your social media reporting … Facebook woos journalists with Signal, a dashboard to gather news across Facebook and Instagram:

Facebook isn’t finished with its attempts to move journalists away from their reliance on Twitter. On Thursday, the company launched Signal, a free discovery and curation platform that helps journalists see what’s trending in photos, videos, and (public) posts across Facebook and Instagram.

This launch comes a week after Facebook made its Mentions app available to journalists with verified profiles. That app, which lets users track mentions of themselves and stream live video, was previously only for public figures like athletes and actors.

If Mentions is for outward-facing content and self-promotion, Signal — which is desktop-only for now — is designed to make the backend of the news-gathering process easier.

A lot of young reporters might be dismissive of this, or Facebook in general, because perhaps they don’t use the service. But don’t forget how many people do use it. Facebook says there are now a billion active users a month. Even if you’re bad at math, like me, you know that’s a big number.


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