#JMC380 topics for Monday

We’d just mentioned this in passing last week and here we are … Want ROI on Social Media? Focus on Building Community:

Two years ago, a study by Duke University found that only 14 percent of chief marketing officers saw a quantitative return on their social media expenditures. The good news is, the tides are beginning to turn: A new survey by small business community Manta revealed that 41 percent of businesses in fact see a return on investment (ROI) for their social marketing efforts.

Speaking of, Local small businesses adapt to social media.

If you want a political angle for the day, Candidates’ teams are flocking to social media to capture millennials:

digital political-ad spending will reach about $1 billion in 2016, according to a report from Borrell Associates, a company that studies ad spending. More than half of that sum will be dedicated to social media.

Another advantage to social-media ads is that they tend to cost less than TV spots. And candidates often use them to solicit donations online.

And then this, about Gov. Kasich and Snapchat.

And all of that is changing things, of course. That’s what we’re hearing from the editor of the Poughkeepsie Journal, Social media redefines “news”:

Clearly, as more people get the power to publish on social media, they’re redefining what “news” is and what’s worthy of sharing. That role long had been held only by news organizations. The statistics also are fallout from the dropoff in some news organizations’ integrity — caused by high-profile errors and ethics issues. Still, it’s important to note that most “media” outlets have had no such scandals.

And the public’s perception of the word “media” is clearly, and long has been, an issue. Many lump all “media” into one basket — regardless of track record, size, reach, history, etc. And that’s wrong. Should TMZ really be weighed the same as The New York Times? A weekly newspaper? A blog about cooking? Or a television news broadcast in the midwest? They’re all “media” but hardly alike.

Today’s social media nightmares of the week: Burger challenge for fallen firefighter sparks social media controversy and ESPN under fire after posting fan’s offensive sign on social media.

See you tomorrow, when you’ll no doubt talk a lot about these and perhaps other thoughtful things.


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