#JMC380 topics for Friday

We dive into metrics!

The first thing you learn about metrics is that there is an awful lot to learn about metrics. And the second thing is that, for something so empirical, we have a lot of differing opinions on what are the best metrics to pursue. The answer, it seems, is, “It depends.”

In time that answer changes. It has changed. It’ll change again. But let’s get to some key starting points.

Where to Start With Social Media Measurement and Analysis

I Asked 55 Experts: Which Social Media Metrics Really Matter?

5 Social Media Metrics You Must Check Regularly To Grow

Finally, Put Social Media Metrics to Use

The next two links are skim-worthy right now, but I have a feeling you’re going to come back to these topics again and again:

All of the Social Media Metrics That Matter

Beyond the Buzz: 41 Social Media Metrics Defined

Also, did you know you are in a time of transmedia storytelling? We’re making stories that we put together across a variety of media and platforms, processing a sum of the story’s parts. The entertainment world is great at this. Think Lost, think any of the big franchises like Star Wars or any comic book tale. Media and PR shops and churches and you should be too. It is a great big universe out there, and our campaigns and our storytelling are only growing to inhabit it. As the siloes come down, the idea of cultivating channels will pick up steam. Social media and SEO are going to be interwoven.

So with that in mind, keep this in mind:

With any data you’re collecting, whether it be quantitative or qualitative, the most important things to ask yourself are “What can I do with this?” and “What are my insights?” If you can’t do anything with your data and you’re not gleaning actionable business takeaways from it, then you should question why you’re measuring it in the first place.

Remember, here, social media, in class …


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