JMC380 topics for Monday

Let’s try this again …

Now that we have our groups locked in and you should be meeting them — or consider yourself behind the eight ball on meeting with them — there area few more of these sorts of topics you should consider as you start making your next steps.

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan: 6 Steps to Creating a Strategy

12 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

And we’ve been alluding here and there about how to show the worth and value of what you are doing to the boss, and how to draw in audiences with visual engagement. These will, no doubt, be topics of conversation going forward. Here are a few things to hopefully make you think along those lines.

How to Master the 4 Big Social-Media Platforms

5 Battle-Tested Tactics for Getting ROI on Social Media

How to Create Visual Content for Maximum Social Media Impact

The last one is actually a tease toward an e-book. You don’t have to download the book. (But if it sings to you, there’s the link, right?) Do spend a few moments, though, pondering what they’re hinting at. Read between the lines. Use your noodle. Do a little critical thinking. I bet you’re already seeing some possibilities.

The world is full of unique problems. There are some tested solutions that can be applied to a lot of them. How will yours hold up? How can you help your client see the virtue of what you’re suggesting?

Additionally … how are those client analyses coming? Working on your publics analysis yet?

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