Tuesday to go links


Sometimes these things just go together nicely. Consider, Mobile to Surpass Print in US Media Ad Spend This Year:

Almost one-third (31.6%) of US media ad spending will be allocated to digital media this year, with mobile capturing the majority share of that spending, estimates eMarketer in a recent forecast. In fact, for the first time, the share of media ad spending allocated to mobile (16.6%) will exceed the share allocated to print (15.8%).

Meanwhile, one place you’ll see some of that dough headed should be obvious. Brands, universities, celebrities, sports teams and media orgs on Snapchat.

Another medium getting a bat to the knees, “Irrevocable Shift” From TV:

Two reports today from Moffett Nathanson Research today exhaustively emphasize the radically changed media landscape — and mock the idea that “everyone is gaining share” across the board.

According to its data, the market capitalization for media stocks has declined a collective $80 billion since 2013. Only Disney, which has added $59 billion, and Netflix, which has added $24 billion have seen their market caps, rose.

There are some amazing pullout stats at that link.

And, finally, then … Why Online Video Is a Must-Have for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy:

Our research found that in addition to being more likely to watch and share ads and content from brands, smartphone video viewers were nearly 2X as likely as TV viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or ads on their devices and 1.3X as likely as desktop viewers. That’s intuitive when you think about the nature of watching video on your smartphone; it’s a more intimate and personal experience than watching on desktop or TV. It seems natural that mobile video would be the place for brands to build personal connections.

That said, brands need to be sensitive to the personal experience people have on their smartphones. One way to respect mobile users is to give them a choice in the ads they consume. In fact, more than three out of four smartphone viewers surveyed in our research said having the choice to skip an ad is important to them.

There are some interesting insights in that piece, but I wonder about this fourth person …


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