A series of links discussing the world in which we live

It is one big ol’ complex and rapidly evolving media environment out there. From time to time I grab a bunch of new pieces and group them together in the hopes that we might be able to make sense out of some of them. This is important, I think, because none of these things live in a vacuum. So we get a batch of interesting goodies, like the one below:

From earnings reports to baseball recaps, automation and algorithms are becoming a bigger part of the news

Instagram video ads called ‘highly efficient’ at 2 cents a view

John Kasich Takes Presidential Campaign to Snapchat with Bacon Filter Ad

There are two or three ridiculous facts you’ll want to share with others in that Kasich/Snapchat piece.

Meanwhile, what is going on with cable television? Cable news audience is evaporating, revenues are up and profit margins are, too.

And then, of course, the open questions that begin with “What does it all mean? How does it impact where you’re going? How can you make some good use out of these things for yourself?


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