The volume of your video

How much video is enough? How CNBC uses its deep TV bench for original Web video:

A 24-hour news network has no shortage of video it can repackage for the Web, but for CNBC, digital video increasingly means original content — though still starring plenty of its TV talent.

“Early on, a small percentage — maybe 10 percent — were original digital videos,” said Mike Senzon, executive producer for CNBC Digital Video. “I would say now it’s starting to become a 50-50 split.”

Altogether, CNBC’s digital arm publishes close to 200 videos a day and roughly 4,000 a month, according to a company spokesperson. These videos are available on and the network’s mobile and streaming TV apps, as well as across a wide variety of third-party distribution platforms including AOL, MSN, Hulu, Yahoo Finance, Facebook and YouTube.

The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, told me this summer they are producing about 100 videos per day, and that they are shooting 10 to 20 per day themselves. In those videos the goal is to show few talking heads because video is the story. Their plan is to show people in action.

What’s your plan? How many videos is feasible in your newsroom?


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