JMC 380 topics for Wednesday

A short list of things that will come up in class on Wednesday, things that students are reading, filing away, thinking about and will discuss.

Finding your audiences on social media: Is it enough to say “Our audience is who is listening”? Are we doing ourselves any favors by saying “Our audience are the people in town” or “Our audience are our customers”? Who are we trying to reach? How do we know we have the right people? Where are they at? Are they all in one place, making this easy on us?

What do these three links have in common?

Social Media Statistics You Need to Know to Target Your Audience Better

The Demographics Of Social Media Audiences, And The Unique Opportunities Offered By Each Network

Social Media Marketing 2015: Where Is Your Audience?

And how do we overcome that?

It is inevitable: Any system that lets you do a lot of things right will also allow you to do a lot of things wrong. Here are some things we can do wrong: Are you committing any of these seven social media sins?

How can we correct these problems? How do we even diagnose these problems?

I wonder why this is:

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