JMC 380 topics for Monday

A short list of things that will come up in class on Monday, things that students should be reading, filing away, thinking about and be prepared to discuss.

This one from Prof. Robinson is a good place to wrap a bow on how we use social media as individuals: Where is the social media conversation moving?

Having discussed a bit how we might use social media ourselves as consumers, we’re going to start moving toward how we use it as producers:

State Of Social In Media Publishing

How AJ+ embraces Facebook, autoplay, and comments to make its videos stand out

The Top 5 Ways to Find Content for Social Media

Sree Sreenivasan is one of those people worth paying close attention. If you carry some of these points away with you today it’ll be worth the read: @Sree’s #LearnSocMedia Tips by Sree Sreenivasan

And, one last time, just in case you missed it, here’s the Twitter list I built for you. (You don’t have to follow all of these people. I’d encourage you to read their Twitter bios. If a particular bio intrigues you, “They might make me smarter, too!” then I’d encourage you to click their name and read through some of their stream. If it intrigues you then you might consider adding them.) @kennysmith‘s list: Makes Me Smarter.

See you Monday!


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