Facebook is winning the video war, here’s how

And, also, why it is problematic. Facebook’s top videos are by ‘aggregators,’ which is a problem:

And that’s the thing: “User-generated content” has been a boon to Facebook. According to Tubular, in June, 75 percent of the top 100 videos on Facebook were UGC clips — that’s up from 50 percent in January. People like to share whatever they like on the platform and are indifferent to its level of quality. Facebook’s algorithm also doesn’t discriminate; it just wants to feed people more of what they like.

Some YouTube stars are even taking advantage of this. For instance, YouTubers Disturbed Reality, a magician with close to 720,000 subscribers, and SoFloAntonio, a comedian/prankster with more than 3 million subscribers across multiple channels, are aggregating other people’s videos on their Facebook pages.

For those who don’t have the brand recognition of BuzzFeed or a high-profile YouTube star, that might be the play on Facebook.

Those of you who have gone through a media law class know where this is going next.


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