Representing energy

Perhaps you’ve heard of changes to the national energy policy that are coming down the line. Those changes are going to hit us right in the … coal mine. This is, admittedly, a big, sweeping story. There are lots of perspectives and angles and great arguments for pretty much every side of the “story.” And all of those have differing degrees of impact depending on what state you are in. Or, sometimes, even which part of a particular state you are in. This is no one-size fits all piece of copy.

Washington Post is trying to help you make sense of some of this today with a big handful of interactive infographics. Surf on over, scroll around, and drop your mouse on things. You’ll learn a lot.

Most of my state’s energy comes from natural gas and nuclear. I knew those. Coal isn’t far beyond. Knew that. Coal powered plants, I’ve just learned, account for 26 percent of all of the electricity produced in my state. If you made me guess I would have thought the percentage was a tiny bit lower. (Some 65 percent coes from natural gas and nuclear, here.) Hydro and oil are bringing up the rear for us.

What are the relationships in your state?

(This is where I deleted the coal, scratching the surface pun.)

UPDATE: More on this story here and here. When you click those, be sure to consider not just the story, but how it is being presented to you.


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