Watch that money move: Billion with a B

This is beyond a wakeup call for television. Television dollar drain to digital tops $1B in

Two thirds of the $3-billion growth in digital ad spend in the U.S. was diverted from traditional media between October 2014 and June 2015.

According to a new report by New York-based Standard Media Index, a data analysis company that focuses on ad spend on the media sector, consumption of new media has shifted the flow of ad dollars from television, print and radio to digital, with TV taking the biggest hit.

While digital ad spend grew by $3 billion in the report’s year-over-year analysis, measuring a 16% increase, national TV suffered a $1.1 billion loss in ad spend, with print down by $350 million and radio by $150 million. About 87% of the $1.1 billion loss to TV ad spend was siphoned from national broadcast and cable while $400 million was from local and syndicated TV.

So if you are in television or print, how do you differentiate and keep your product viable? If you are in ad sales for TV or print, how do you stop the leak in your office?



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