Narrowcasting your radio broadcast

This is one of those ways that something different can be done in radio, a medium that can really sometimes use it. Radio Presents Live Video—Via Periscope

Across radio, use of Periscope and Snapchat—two of the fastest-growing social media networks—is on the uptick, as stations and on-air hosts look for fresh ways to build their audience and extend their brands. These two platforms, “Make stations human and make [them] alive,” says Jeffrey Thacker, digital director of Emmis’ powerhouse hip-hop station “Hot 97” WQHT, New York. “You can be part of the jocks’ experience and part of the stations’ experience.”

With Periscope, a live-streaming video app with real-time comments, video can easily be embedded in a Twitter feed (understandably, since Twitter purchased Periscope in March for $100 million). For radio, Periscope brings users inside the inner sanctum—with DJs during breaks, watching artists perform in-studio, or during happenings at live events. At Scripps-owned rhythmic CHR “Channel 94.1” KQCH, Omaha, DJ JJ Ryan is an early adopter. With Periscope, “I can be casual and elaborate more than you can on air,” he says. Sometimes, he sets his iPhone next to the control room board and just starts talking, or he streams on location, such as during a recent party at the Omaha Zoo. “It is never the same. I don’t have any rules,” he says. His bosses support innovating. Says Scripps VP of programming Beverlee Brannigan, “People are trying things. I think it is fabulous.”

The really thoughtful properties, and the really talented talents, will be turning this into more than a behind the scenes tool.

And then they’ll turn it into a giveaway opportunity and a revenue generator.


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