Adapt, adapt, innovate, thrive

Last spring was the first time in history that more people “cut the cord” rather than adding television. That expression itself is also relatively new. (Your parents didn’t grow up with that expression, to be sure.) Big ad spenders are actually cutting back on their television marketing budgets, also a first. We’re time-shifting everything on a DVR if we’re watching TV the old way at all. You know that. Millennials are leading the charge away from television. Everyone else — programmers, advertisers, everyone — is following you.

I mentioned these stats in class last spring as they were announced being discussed publicly. None of your peers were surprised, which impressed me. But, hey, you and I are living in a transitional period. (I’ve been saying that a lot, lately.)

Which brings me to my point: It is time for television to innovate:


This Chart Shows Why Comcast Would Be Interested in Vice Media and BuzzFeed

How would you lead the charge?


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