Here lies a man!

Nicholas Winton recently passed away. You might not have ever heard that name, and that’s fine. He’s a man that took a vacation in the early part of WWII and saved lives.

A lot of lives. A lot, a lot of young children’s lives.

And then he went about his own life. Never really said anything about it. One day, his wife found the old documents from those children in the attic and asked him about them. But he just dismissed the whole thing.

These papers, she knew, were important. And so after that he become something of a heroic celebrity in the UK. His is an absolutely incredible story.

Read closely. The storytelling is pretty darn great, too. Winton’s Children
Share Their Stories

And a 60 Minutes piece from last year that is absolutely worth watching in its entirety. I guarantee you that, if you do, you’ll finish with chills.

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