On the future of mobile editing

Hands down, some of my favorite news items from this summer have been on the topic of mobile editing.

Like this, from Poynter, The rise of the mobile editor:

As the number of mobile readers climbs over 50 percent for many newspapers, it is logical that we would infuse mobile thinking throughout the newsroom. Yet, in a majority of newsrooms, the focus is not on mobile. Newsrooms need to start changing this by hiring a mobile editor.

The mobile editor should be sheriff to the news disseminating community. Better yet, the mobile editor should be a sort of traffic cop, directing cars when the traffic lights are malfunctioning. The position should not be a transitional job that may eventually disappear. Quite the contrary, we are witnessing the infancy of that new position in the newsroom.

And this, Wall Street Journal’s digital revamp: Q&A with Emily Banks, news editor for mobile:

I was hired to help reporters and editors think about how they could create unique content for mobile and content that’s optimized for mobile. So no news about mobile, but rather creating and optimizing news delivered on mobile platforms. That includes everything from working with designers and developers to building new templates for content on mobile, then teaching editors how to use those templates, to working toward making sure, for example, graphics that we publish work on mobile. I also will jump in and pitch ideas aimed at mobile — like an interactive about smartphone ergonomics that readers access on their phone, and by playing a little game and performing tests in this interactive could determine whether their phone is too big or too small for their hand.

And here’s one from last year: News in motion: six ways to be a good mobile editor.

If you’re looking for a stable newsroom niche where you can corner the market, I have an idea.


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