Let’s watch the VR news

First someone is going to win because they are first. And then someone will win because they do it better. And thirdly, perhaps, someone will win big because people are really drawn to it. There is plenty to think about here, but there is some inevitability to this … Why newsrooms should care about virtual reality:

From Vice to The Wall Street Journal, many newsrooms are already experimenting with virtual reality as a new way to engage audiences and offer different perspectives on stories.

The 2015 Trends in Newsrooms report from the World Editors Forum flagged VR as one of the top nine trends in news outlets around the world.

However, Robert Hernandez, an associate professor at LA’s USC Annenberg School, where he focuses on emerging technology, pointed out that although many journalists are interested in VR they are wary of using it for news.

“I was at a conference recently and someone raised their hand and said, ‘Wait a minute, aren’t you manipulating emotions’?”, said Hernandez, recounting the experience at a Hacks/Hackers Colorado meetup recently.

As with any journalistic medium, it is important to look at virtual reality in context, he said.


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