News about Facebook and news

Take these links, or even just the headlines, but really the content therein, as a whole.

Andy Mitchell and Facebook’s weird state of denial about news

Facebook is making 3 big changes to its NewsFeed algorithm, and publishers should be worried

Facebook Tweaks Cause Concern, but Not Necessarily Panic

We’re not even reading tea leaves here. This stuff is pretty obvious, and Mitchell’s speech should be off-putting to everyone who values the role news place in local society. But there’s no getting around reality. And here is the reality …

Facebook is about 15 minutes away from dominating online video. Will Facebook Pass YouTube for Video Ads?:

It’s go time for Facebook autoplay video ads, and according to December 2014 research by Mixpo, the social network is set to pass YouTube in video ad usage this year.

Nearly nine in 10 US advertising executives polled said they planned to run a video ad campaign on Facebook in the coming year—the highest response rate out of all networks studied and up from fewer than two-thirds who had done so in the past year. Despite usage intent rising 3.7 percentage points, YouTube fell to second place, trailing Facebook by 5.5 points.

Interesting times.


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