Mobile, Instagram, photos — A small handful of links

I’m guessing few are ready for this. You should be. This is a great shuffling. Someone will fall out of the back of the pack as Google looks to make search more mobile friendly: Google’s “mobilegeddon” ways you can respond to the algorithm shake-up.

Here’s another look at it, Google to websites: Be mobile-friendly or get buried in search results.

That is a terrific exemplar of my McDonald’s idea, by the way.

Some of these are free, some come with a small charge, but even a basic user can get value here: 13 Instagram tools brands should be using.

The human toll is staggering, but this interactive from the New York Times will give you something more than just the numbers. At first these may look like two pictures side-by-side — I was disappointed they didn’t even use a slider. Click and drag inside the pictures to get the full impact of what is going on here, Before and After Pictures of the Earthquake in Nepal. That’s an interesting, and immersive way to tell a heartbreaking story.

Such widespread adoption and penetration in Germany’s private culture is telling: Digital Commerce Is the Norm as Germany’s Internet Culture Matures


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