Facebook and publishers, together (for a time)

Everyone is talking about Facebook today. Here are some important links:

What brands and publishers need to know about Facebook’s developer conference
Facebook Takes Aim at Google’s Ad Tech Clout With LiveRail
The beginning of the end of Facebook’s traffic engine
It’s the relationship, stupid

“Now is the time to get access to the data that will build more than today’s cash flow but will instead build tomorrow’s strategy,” Jeff Jarvis writes in that last link. Data is important. I hope the point gets across. We seem to be at the event horizon for all of the things Jarvis has been discussing for a decade or more.

What Facebook does so well is exactly the thing that most media outlets don’t yet know how to do, build relationships. Hopefully they’ll learn how to from their partners in this new experiment. But I doubt Facebook will share all of that data with their new partners too easily. For that, and several other reasons, my bet is that this new arrangement is a temporary one.


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