Diving into Meerkat

Have you downloaded any new livestreaming video apps lately? Meerkat is a good choice. (Periscope is coming along too.) Let’s take a look:

Testing out Meerkat: the app that brings live streaming to Twitter
What does the Twitter live streaming app Meerkat actually do?
The most creative uses for Meerkat, SXSW’s hottest app

Like so much of the social media landscape, you’ll get out of what you put into it. So when you start watching live video streams — I think they’ve settled on Meerkasts as a possible name — you should seek out smart folks in your interest areas, engaging people in thoughtful dialog.

There is also entertainment, as well. Perhaps the first Meerkat famous guy just sang to his viewers for seven hours straight. Someone else put up a popular video showing off just the inside of their refrigerator.

Regardless of the subject matter you’re after, regular readers here know video is where its at. Streaming video has been around for a while, but video bolted onto your social network, might have a larger chance of success in the now.


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