Are you ready to be truly inserted into the story?

‘Godmother of VR’ sees journalism as the future of virtual reality:

De la Peña believes the wide availability of VR headsets and the technology to reconstruct events using new computer and film-making techniques could one day transform the world of journalism.

“It creates a real sense of being present on the scene,” she says. “It puts the audience in a place where they can experience the sights, sounds and even emotions as events unfold. This is unlike any other medium.”

Earlier this year, De la Peña’s company, Emblematic, unveiled “Project Syria” at the Sundance festival in Utah. Using a mix of real footage and computer graphics, viewers were placed in a calm Aleppo street scene, a sudden mortar attack, and a camp for refugee children.

The project was not alone in taking virtual reality into real-world stories; others at Sundance recreated Chile’s Caravan of Death in the aftermath of the 1973 coup and the scenes from Iran’s 1979 revolution.

Remember that link from yesterday?


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