Using your skills and experience in a new way

How a 40-year-old radio DJ from Florida became a Snapchat star:

Kaye’s show, Talkin’ Snap, airs every Monday and Thursday on his Snapchat Story at 5 pm EST. He uses the show to interview famous Snapchat artists, including Shaun McBride (better known on Snapchat by his username, Shonduras) and Evan Garber, as well as musical artists that come through the radio station where Kaye DJs, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kaye decided to start his show in August. He had just reinstalled Snapchat after downloading it two years ago, ignoring it, and later deleting it.

“I have the skills to build programs on the radio and on TV,” Kaye tells Business Insider. “It took me about a month or so to figure out that I could translate that to Snapchat. I take the things I’ve learned from being on the radio and working in television and apply it to Snapchat, and that’s what no one else is doing. It helps me a bit.”

Figured out how you could do the same thing?

Odds are you already using Snapchat. Are you using all of it? You Won’t Understand The Potential of Snapchat Until You See This.

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