Previous generations loved advertising, apparently

How to Advertise to the Millennial Who Hates Advertising:

Maker Studios’ chief content officer Erin McPherson has a few words of advice for marketers trying to reach millennials: You’re not going to get them with traditional ads.

“This generation doesn’t dislike brands,” McPherson said at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix on Monday.

“What they don’t like is advertising.”

According to McPherson, Maker Studios is now the largest distributor of short-form video content in the world. It gets 11 billion monthly views, with 70 percent of its audience overseas. Sixty percent of viewers are between ages 13 and 34.

What the multi-channel network has learned is that viewers are watching less TV, and its audience is moving increasingly to mobile devices, with 50 percent watching on the smaller screen. And viewers are demanding shorter clips. Even Netflix has noticed that 87 percent of its viewing sessions on mobile devices were under 10 minutes.

To reach millennials, brands need to trust content creators.

Why is this important? Let’s go to the video:


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