The key word is immersion

Vice Uses Virtual Reality to Immerse Viewers in News:

A young woman stands in the middle of a crowd of protesters marching up a New York City street, shouting that she is fed up with police brutality, fed up with people saying that black lives don’t matter, fed up with people telling her not to be angry.

“My people don’t deserve this,” she yells, inches away from your face. “We have right to protest. We have right to be angry.”

You look to the left, and see protesters holding a sign reading, “White Supremacy Is Deadly.” Spin to the right, and you see a throng of observers, their expressions stern as the protest continues.

These vivid images are part of an eight-minute virtual-reality experience that catapults audiences into the center of the Millions March protest in New York in December. Created by two experienced directors, Chris Milk and Spike Jonze, in partnership with Vice News, the project is a virtual-reality journalism broadcast. It will make its debut on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival and in a new virtual reality mobile app called Vrse, which is available on the Vice News site.

Immersion is the key word here. It can be incredibly intense experience. Check this out:


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