These are the early VR adopters

So glad you asked … What can virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift do for media?:

because of the sheer potential of a technology as immersive as VR to create emotional responses and shared experiences it’s one any media business interested in telling stories should be paying attention to. But what should publishers expect from the technology?

Nic Mithan is co-founder of We Ar VR, a streaming and content delivery service for VR games and experiences. He believes the value of VR is that publishers and brands can offer actually immersive experiences that simply weren’t possible before:

“The key word in all of this is ‘present’. Presence is the term that’s been chosen industry-wide as the best phrase to sum up what it actually means.”

And we’re already seeing tech companies begin to publish journalistic content on virtual reality devices, and a groundswell of support from publishers and broadcasters looking to get in on the ground floor. Sky TV, for instance, has invested in both the Oculus Rift, the delivery system for VR, and in the Jaunt headset, which publishers can easily use to create stereoscopic video for the headsets.

The beginning of that last ‘graph, that’s telling, isn’t it?

As for what it could do?


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