To be courageous

This is a long excerpt, but you need it. And it isn’t every day you read about high school journalism. This one you should read, because it is awesome: Student journalists learn to cover scandal from Stamford High School halls:

After the newspaper staff returned to school in the fall, the story ratcheted up. In October, Stamford police charged the principal, Donna Valentine, and an assistant principal, Roth Nordin, with failing to report what they knew about Watkins and the student to state authorities.

Rebecca Rakowitz, features editor of The Round Table, said Ringel asked the staff whether they wanted to report the news by summarizing the work of outside organizations or “whether we wanted to go to the courthouse and the police station and take it on ourselves. We wanted to take it on ourselves.”

They ran into barriers. They learned nothing more from police than what was said during a news conference that followed the arrests of Valentine and Nordin, for example.

And teachers weren’t talking.


Sports editor Bailey Bitetto said the newspaper has a role.

“Teachers are supposed to be the voice but now we are the voice, because the teachers are too scared,” Bitetto said. “It’s a lot of responsibility but we understand that their jobs could be at stake.”


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