Link dump – the journalism edition

We’re all in the middle of that end-of-semester, behind-at-everything feeling. Here, then, enjoy the last several days of things I’ve been reading. These are almost all about journalism. In the next few days I’ll fill this space with a collection of links on a few other broad topics. Enjoy, and good luck wrapping your semester.

Why Serial is important for journalism

How to handle fast-paced multimedia reporting

Note the word “former.” Former Sun deputy news editor: Inventing quotes to ’embellish’ stories is ‘standard journalistic practice’

Corrupt politicians suffer only when there’s local media to report on it

Miami Herald continues to treat some South Florida neighborhoods as though they don’t exist

Five steps for shooting the perfect sit-down interview

A new study looks at the interplay of journalism and PR in the digital age

Rolling Stone’s disastrous U-Va. story: A case of real media bias

Rolling Stone’s Rape Story: A bigger journalistic train wreck than we thought

Uh huh. This never works the way you want it to, senator. Defining ‘journalist’ may become necessary

Senate leader Del Marsh taking heat for advocating an official state definition of ‘journalist’

Google News: The biggest missed opportunity in media right now

How much of your news site’s search traffic comes from Google News? Probably 5 to 25 percent

How 5 media outlets are using Tumblr

The newsonomics of the newly quantified, gamified news reader

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