This … is big

In a tumultous period of advertising and what it means to newsrooms and media outlets, this is big: Half Of Automotive Advertising To Shift To Digital:

For decades, car and truck ads have swollen newspapers, screamed from radio stations and transformed local car dealers into TV celebrities. If any single ad category were responsible for reshaping the face of local media, it would be automotive, says the 2014-2015 Automotive Advertising Outlook from Borrell.

But no longer, says the report. This year, for the first time, more than half of those dollars will be spent on digital media. The local newspaper’s auto advertising bonanza is long gone. Radio’s has only recently disappeared. Local TV stations may be next on the chopping block, observes the report.

Where the advertising money, so many things will go. Are you thinking about digital publications? Advertising? Journalism? If not, read more at the link and you might see why you should be.


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