Mobile needs new rules, fast

You spend 2.5 hours per day on your smartphone. But you do it spread out over 150 sessions. Less than half a minute! So I’ve written this fast. Allen Mutter is worth reading:

Although mobile publishing is quickly changing the rules of journalism, newspapers have been dangerously slow to adapt.

This has got to be fixed, because digital natives like BuzzFeed, Circa, Mic, Upworthy, Vice, Vocative and Vox are competing for – and in many cases winning over – the youthful readers coveted by publishers and advertisers.

As discussed previously here, nearly half of the digital page views at many newspapers are occurring on mobile devices. But editors and publishers have been slow to recognize that mobile publishing is as different from print-to-web publishing as television is from cave drawings.

Constrained screen real estate – like the new 1.5-inch Apple Watch – isn’t the only factor influencing the development of content for mobile devices. An even bigger issue is the limited amount of time that publishers can engage with readers.

Mutter will convince you mobile “poses a vexing array of contradictions.” We get to wrestle with that. That is going to be part of your career. Exciting stuff.


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