What is fame?

Here’s a piece with plenty of generational observations. Stampede Of Teens: What YouTube’s Convention Taught Me About Its Culture Of Superfans:

YouTube’s challenge is to replicate this fandom offline, beyond the teens and tweens who roved the halls of VidCon. The site is already rolling out billboard and video advertising campaigns to expand their stars’ reach, and to make them more than just Internet famous.

When I wandered just a few steps outside and spoke to food vendors or hotel employees, I found no one had heard of stars like Meghan Tonjes or Tyler Oakley—the kind who drew crowds inside the convention center.

For VidCon attendees who grew up with YouTube, the distinction between “YouTube famous” and “famous famous” may be meaningless.

No one ever said “Ed Sullivan famous.” (Ask your grandparents.) No one ever said “Johnny Carson famous.” (Ask your parents.) The modifier is a diminishing agent. Ultimately you don’t see that person at the airport and say “Oh, she’s only YouTube famous never mind.” You know of her or don’t.

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