Ethics, law, tabloids and the Boston bombing

Interested in media law stemming from the Boston Marathon bombing? New York Post’s Shoddy Reporting Leaves Legal, Ethical Lessons:

Late last month, and with very little fanfare, Salaheddin Barhoum and Yassine Zaimi settled their defamation lawsuit against the operators of the New York Post based upon that tabloid’s infamous “BAG MEN” cover photo and related story of April 18, 2013, which the two said falsely implicated them in the Boston Marathon bombing.


Despite the settlement, at least two legal lessons can be taken away from the case: 1) Sensational tabloid covers, replete with screaming headlines juxtaposed next to photographs, can indeed be defamatory; and 2) tiny cover-page disclaimers won’t always get tabloids like the New York Post off the hook.


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