McDonald’s and Disney

When I was very young I was mystified that there was a Burger King right across the street from the McDonalds in my hometown. Why would you do that? I didn’t understand anything about business or models or competition, really. All I knew was that they both served burgers. I liked Burger King, but I preferred McDonalds. Also, it was easier to get to the golden arches because of the way the road and the traffic and the turns worked.

And, also, happy meals.

One day, I recall, I asked my mother about this. Why the two stores right next to each other? In one of her careers my mother worked in marketing and product placement. This would have been before that, but she knew what was up. Wherever there is a McDonald’s, there will be other things like that, she said. If you see a McDonald’s you know they’ve done their research. There will be traffic and customers and businesses there.

Which seems like an unusual conversation to have with a kid concerned about the toy in the happy meal, I’ll grant you.

What she was saying, though, was watch the market leader.

Watch Disney:

The Walt Disney Co. is looking to sell 23 more radio stations and move its Radio Disney kids programming exclusively to digital distribution.

The shift comes because young viewers have adopted satellite radio and online platforms when listening to music and other programming.

“Radio Disney will increase its investment in both digital distribution platforms and music-centric programming to optimize the network for long-term growth and to better reflect the habits of its listeners, a national audience of kids and families,” a Radio Disney spokesperson said in a statement.

They know where their audience is.

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