Giving Skype interviews

This is not within the normal scope of this site, but I run across links like this every now and then and this one seemed useful.

How to Prepare for Your Skype Interview:

Interviewing for a new job via Skype is becoming increasingly common, primarily because it saves time and resources for both the employer and interviewee. Many employers see Skype as a superior way to evaluate a potential employer because face-to-face communication – where body language and reaction time are evident – can provide extra information that can help employers make their decision.

As Skype interviews are increasingly likely in your future, it’s best to prepare for them ahead of time.

There are some great tips here. I’ve taken part in a few meetings and interviews of various types on Skype and all of these suggestions would have been useful the first time. After my first one I started putting sticky notes on the screen like “Look here —->” at the camera.

Go ahead, Skype someone and see how they look now that you have that advice in your mind.

Moral: The world is a changing place, even the working world. Be ready to adapt to it. Practice in it; it could mean a second interview or even a job.

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