Our media future

Nieman Lab puts us onto a Pew study about our future. What will digital life look like in a decade? Some predictions, from the optimistic to mind control:

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s initial proposal for what would become the World Wide Web. Think about how different media and technology were in 1989 from today. Now imagine how different things might look at a year that sounded like science fiction not that long ago: 2025.

As you read along, I encourage you to think expansively. If you’re in school this year, you’re liable to work well into the neighborhood of 2060.

Now that you’re head hurts … what do you think your workspace will be like by then?

I could write a long list of tools and trends and ideas that have come, bloomed and either succeeded, failed or altered some pre-existing part of newsrooms in the last 20 years. A long list. There’s no reason to think we’re living at the end of the disruption period. So think big. Where is there a scarcity? Where is an audience of need? How can you serve them? What can you cover, invent, change, shape and make an industry standard?

What neat things we’ll see during the course of your career. These are exciting times.


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