Teens moving from Facebook

It might not be an exodus. It might not be a shift of tectonic proportions. But there’s something here, between the lines the tea leaves made, that is worth noting. In the newest Piper Jaffray survey teens self-identify Twitter as their most important social media platform.

The study indicates that Facebook’s popularity has weakened considerably among teens: just 23% named it their most important social network, down from 33% 6 months ago and 42% a year ago. By comparison, a leading 26% of teens named Twitter their most important social network in the latest study.

That’s according to data from an AFP news report, and is actually down from the Spring 2013 (30%) and Fall 2012 (27%) surveys, but still puts Twitter on top due to Facebook’s rapidly waning appeal.

While Facebook’s appeal is weakening, Instagram’s is growing quickly. In fact, Instagram is now tied with Facebook as the second-most important social network among teens, at almost double its share of respondents (12%) from the year-earlier period.

This has started to come up in conversations and strategy sessions, moreso than you might imagine.

Now we must all decide, what does it mean for our efforts? Does it change our approach in reaching a critical audience?


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